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This product may be mistaken for an actual firearm by police officers and others; altering the state or federal markings or coloration of this product in order to make it appear more realistic is dangerous and may be considered a crime. The brandishing or displaying of the product in public may cause confusion and may also be considered a crime. There will be criminal penalties under state law from the use of a replica firearm, which is a prohibited activity. Adult supervision is required, and it is recommended for the user and the people within range to wear eye protection at all times during play. Improper use of the product may cause serious injury, especially to a user’s eye.


​Safety is the number one priority of AutoBand LLC. All products should be used under adult supervision and for in-home use only. Always use our products in well-lit areas and wear safety glasses/goggles at all times (e.g. loading, playing with, etc.) when using any of our AutoBand Rubber Band Guns. Adequate eye protection may be purchased at most hardware stores and many retail outlets. 

Always be aware of your target background. Never shoot at other people, animals or yourself. Never use our AutoBand Rubber Band Gun products in public places where they could be mistaken for a real gun. Do not modify any of our AutoBand Rubber Band Gun products in color, shape or function. Do not paint the AutoBand Rubber Band Gun. Never run with or point the AutoBand Rubber Band Gun at other people, animals, or yourself. Never throw, drop, or step on the AutoBand Rubber Band Gun, as such abuse might damage the item and cause injury to you or another, and may void any guarantee or warranty, expressed, implied or statutory. 

Never overload the AutoBand Rubber Band Gun (i.e. by putting more than the described number of rubber bands on the gun). Never load or shoot your AutoBand Rubber Band Gun if it has been damaged. User assumes all responsibility for safe operation of all products. Deliberate misuse or modification of any of the products will absolve AutoBand LLC from any and all responsibility and liability due to damage or injury arising from such misuse. 


How to load your AutoBand Rubber Band Gun


1. Hold the gun in one hand and squeeze the trigger all the way.


2. While keeping the trigger squeezed, load rubber bands by placing one rubber band over the muzzle end and stretching it until it can be placed into the bottom most v groove.


3. Continue holding the trigger while loading rubber bands into the next V groove until 5 bands have been loaded. Now release the trigger and load the 6th band onto the gun.


The AutoBand Rubber Band Gun is now fully loaded and ready to fire.





If the trigger is not working correctly or for instructions on how to replace the trigger spring rubber band please visit and search for AutoBand Rubber Band Gun.

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